Deveops Training in Hyderabad

Devops Training in Hyderabad

DevOps with AWS

AWS is a popular cloud service offered by Amazon that has successfully found a lot of popularity among early and later adopters of cloud computing solutions. Companies of all sizes and belonging from all sectors have started migrating to cloud solutions and the reasons are pretty straightforward –

Migrating to cloud services allows a company to control its operational cost, increase its chances of bouncing back from a malware attack or from an act of god that left its data centers or storage servers ruined. On top of this, migrating to cloud service can also allow a company to increase its overall efficiency, productivity and speed.

In this context, you might be thinking, what does it mean for you?

Well, for starters, all Indian companies that have a strong online presence and rely on their data centers are slowly migrating to cloud infrastructure. The demand for AWS certified DevOps engineer holding AWS certification big data, is increasing with each passing day, whether it is in India or abroad.

With our AWS training for developers, you will be able to become a master of AWS essential skills such as IAM, VPC, EC2, and EBS. Our training curriculum is designed in a manner that will allow you to increase your chances of pursuing a bright career in the AWS cloud.

With AWS certified solutions architect training course from RR Technosoft, you will be able to scale, design and plan AWS implementations effortlessly as we will be teaching you all there is to know about AWS cloud.

Our AWS certification and training online classes are also designed in a manner that focuses on eight times the integration one can have at a typical online session. Our AWS certified solutions architect professional online classes are not pre-recorded. All online sessions will be live ones as it is the only way a student can clear his or her doubts on the fly.

Our AWS certification online trainers are not detached from the sector as they are working professionals who have years of experience under their belts. This allows us to expose you to the current technologies that Amazon is currently working on to make its cloud services all the more efficient. Our AWS training course curriculum has special AWS certification for beginner’s course materials that helps even those students who do not have any coding experience.

Overview of the Course

The AWS Developer course from RR Technosoft builds upon the skills taught in the AWS Technical Essentials course. This course will make you learn the ways through which you can learn the methods used to write code and construct scalable applications, as well as how to use essential AWS components like Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Cloud Formation, and Dynamo DB to acquire expertise.

Key Features

  • Recognise AWS terminology and concepts as they relate to the AWS
  • Navigate the AWS Management Console Understand the security measures AWS provides
  • Differentiate AWS Storage options and create an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket
  • Recognise AWS Compute and Networking options and use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • Identify Deployment and Management options
  • Load balancer and Auto-Scale with EC2
  • Use EC2 APIs and Configure Virtual Private Cloud
  • Debug and Troubleshoot AWS EC2 instance

Key Features

  • 70 Hrs Instructor Led Training
  • 58 Hrs Self-paced Videos
  • 108 Hrs Project & Exercises
  • Certification
  • Job Assistance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Lifetime Free Upgrade
  • Mentor Support
Devops Training in Hyderabad

What will you learn in this DevOps with Aws training online?

In this AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification course, you will learn:

  • SDLC Automation
  • Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-a-Code
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Policies and Standards Automation
  • Incident and Event Response
  • Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery
What are the prerequisites for taking up the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer professional exam?
  • Basic knowledge of any programming language will be beneficial for this AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification training.
Which top DevOps with Aws tools will you learn in this DevOps with Aws course?

In this certification course, you will master various tools and techniques, including the following tools:

  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeCommit
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS CodeDeploy

Why should you go for DevOps with Aws training online?

The demand for DevOps is at an all-time high, and more than 80 percent of all companies would adopt DevOps by 2020 – Gartner

  • The average salary of an AWS Engineer is around US$130,000 per year – Business Insider
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer holds a maximum value in the marketplace – Indeed

Our AWS Certified DevOps Engineer training will help you learn everything in AWS and DevOps and upgrade your career. Moreover, getting a certification for DevOps with Aws can put you in a different league when it comes to appearing for those interviews.

DevOps with Aws course?

  • System Administrators and Software Developers
  • Cloud Professionals and Solution Architects